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Economic Consultancy

Your optimiser

We screen your company! After a time of running a business sort of “organisational blindness” might come up. At first sight you might not find the right measurements to keep your company on track or to optimise it. We step at your side as your economic consultant and optimiser and develop solutions to give new impulse into your company.

We discuss your economic analysis and key figures and figure out the sticking point in your cost structure.


“We won’t leave you out in the rain” even in difficult situations. We will support you in the analysis of the existing problems. Together with the company’s head we will develop a recovery plan and will go along with your company in the execution of the measurements.

Overview of our service

  • Economic analysis

  • Analysis of cost-saving potentials

  • Reorganisation

  • Concepts for investment and financing

  • Cost management

  • Company ranking

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