Your tax advice –

commercial and private

Tax Consultancy

Organising instead of administrating

Our advice starts ahead of the income declaration. We analyse your personal situation, identify potential for creation and reduce your tax burden in line with the legal possibilities.

This is our approach to your private and commercial tax advice.

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Overview of our service

  • Preparation and transmission of your tax declaration

  • Verification of incoming tax statement

  • Comparison of the tax burden

  • Attendance of tax and special audits

  • Investment plan

  • Credit negotiations with financial institutes

  • Consultancy in case of inheritance and beneficence

  • Commercial trading of properties

  • Representation at financial authorities and court

  • Consultancy in case of voluntary disclosure

Tax planning

We gather your personal situaton, analyse it and prepare proposals for next steps.

Tax organisation

According to the results of the analysis we will present a plan for organising your financial situation so as tax burden respectively tax savings.

Tax declaration

We represent your interests at the tax authority. We transmiss your tax delcaration and control the respective reports. Lean back, we will direct the procedure with the tax authority.

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