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Starting a business

Setting up your business with a good plan

Every founder has to face a lot of tax-based and financial questions when setting up a business. Besides the idea, factors as the choice of location, form of organization might have substantial financial consequences. A good preparation in the start-up phase paves your way to a successful position on the market. We accompany you through the different stages of founding, answer your questions and make preparations for important discussions, e.g. at the bank.

We support you in preparing your business plan, give advice according to sponsorship and financial support so as economic factors like choice of location and form of organisation.

Overview of our service

  • Support in preparing a business plan

  • Creating your product and service portfolio

  • Analysis of markets and competitors

  • Target and strategy definition

  • Evaluation of opportunities and threats

  • Check of personal and professional preconditions

  • Determination of capital and financing needs

  • Outlook on turnover and profitiability

  • Economic advice for location and form of organisation

  • Guidance of funding for founders and young entrepreneurs

  • Report on sustainability of setting up the business (§ 57 SGB III) for receiving financial support for start-ups (interim allowance)

We will accompany you setting up a business step by step

We are your partner for any question concerning setting up a business. We give assistance for sponsorship and financial support, your financial planning, form of organisation and many more topics. Contact us and make an appointment.

Located in Grevenbroich, we are in good reach to the cities of Neuss, Kaarst, Rommerskirchen, Bergheim, Juechen, Erkelenz, Korschenbroich and of course Duesseldorf.

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