Having your personnel matters under control

Personnel office

Your Human Resources Manager

We handle your payroll accounting while you concentrate on your day-to-day business. Extensive fiscal guidelines for the payroll accounting especially touch small and medium-sized companies in complying with all obligations towards their employees.

For coping with all rules, we release you of this task and care for your payroll accounting. We keep track of all important alteration in the personnel sector. We conduct amongst others the registration at the social insurance, support you in the preparation of employment contracts (in cooperation with labour lawyers) and set up the monthly payroll accounting for you.

The financial accounting is under your control? But the payroll accounting ist your problem? That is the point that we will step in as your contact person. We are your Human Resources Manager, independent of any other tax accountant or service partner conductiong your financial accounting.

Our specialisation: wages in the construction industry

Payroll accounting in the construction industry are complex. We keep track of it!

Overview of our service

  • Payroll accounting and wages in the construction industry

  • Wage-tax return

  • Registration and notice of removal at the health insurance

  • Statement of contribution paid to the health insurance

  • Preparation of proof of earnings

  • Statement of contribution paid for the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association

  • Support in verification of the social insurance agency, tax authority and job agency

  • Preparation of employment contracts*

  • Preparation of cancellation agreement and social compensation plan*

  • Analysis of manpower and cost structure

* exchange with cooperating labour lawyer

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