Our team at your service

Close and personal contact to our clients is important to us. For this reason we would like to introduce our team to you. You will get an overview of your contact person and can contact him or her by email.

Our Tax Consultants

Heinz-Jürgen Ulrich

Managing Director,  Financial Auditor/CPA, Tax Advisor

Heinz-Jürgen Ulrich founded the tax office beginning of the 70s. Ever since he accompanies our clients as tax advisor and auditor.

Hobbies: football, golf

Email: h-j.ulrich@ulrich-steuerberatung.de

Markus Ulrich

Diplom-Kaufmann, Executive MBA
Managing Director, Tax Advisor
Consultant for International Tax Law

Consultant for Healing Professions (IFU/ISM gGmbH)
Certified Consultant for Common Public Interest (IFU/ISM gGmbH)
Certified Executor of a Will (AGT e.V.)
Certificate in International Accounting (CINA)

Markus Ulrich joined the tax office as managing director and tax advisor by the end of the 90s. Besides the regular topics of tax advice he is also your contact person for any question regarding international tax law (inbound cases) and acts as the testator’s delegate in case of executorship.

Hobbies: running, sailing, motorbiking

Email: m.ulrich@ulrich-steuerberatung.de

Thorsten Seiwert

Bachelor of Laws
Tax Advisor (employed according to § 58 StBerG)

Thorsten Seiwert complements the team of tax consultants since 2016. Before he made his way to our tax office, he had worked e.g. for one of the “Big Four” auditing companies.

Hobbies: fitness, hiking, loves the region of the “Eifel” and a football club in Palatinate/Pfalz.

Email: t.seiwert@ulrich-steuerberatung.de

Matthias Winzheim

Bachelor of Arts
Tax Advisor (employed according to § 58 StBerG)

Matthias Winzheim has worked as a tax consultant within our office since 2015. Before he worked several years as a tax and auditing assistant in a medium-sized auditing company in Düsseldorf.

Hobbies: football (indoor and outdoor), other net ball games, cooking

Email: m.winzheim@ulrich-steuerberatung.de

Our Team

Petra Bechtler

Assistant Tax Consultant

Email: p.bechtler@ulrich-steuerberatung.de

Anna Haas

Assistant Tax Consultant

Email: a.haas@ulrich-stb.de

Manuela Holzweiler

Assistant Tax Consultant

Email: m.holzweiler@ulrich-steuerberatung.de

Karola Prinz

Legal Secretary

Email: k.prinz@ulrich-steuerberatung.de

Vanessa Schmid

Assistant Tax Consultant

Email: v.schmid@ulrich-steuerberatung.de