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Company Succession

Planning the company’s future

At a certain point of time you should think about how your business should continue after your retirement. Questions for the future come up which you should consider at early stage. Do you want your company to continue after your retirement? The company’s future and its employees is important to you? After your retirement you want to keep up with your standard of living? Whatever your notion is we we will attend you in planning your company succession with an extensive package of measures. It is our common objective to develop economical, fiscal and legal possibilities with highest benefit.

Our advice: Start early with your deliberation and get in contact with us.

Overview of our service

  • Fiscal concept for the company succession

  • Assurance of retirement benefit of the retiree

  • Review of legal situation for liability

  • Company evaluation for appraisal of pricing

  • Preparation of appointments at the bank and notary

  • Further fiscal attendance of the taking over entrepreneur after successful company succession

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